testimonials"My husband Doug is a carpenter and has worked in the construction business for fifty years. We have looked at many manufactured buildings... When we saw the Graceland buildings, we were very impressed. They are very well constructed of quality materials. In fact, Doug stated that they are the best buildings of this type he has ever seen. We love the Side Lofted Barn that we recently purcased."
~ JoAnn T., Marshville, NC

“I live in Newberry SC, where you have a Graceland building distributor, owned by Jacobs Carports, Inc., that's where I met a sales person by the name of Chrissy Jacobs. One of the sweetest young ladies you will ever meet. She was very helpful in helping me find the right building for our needs. I have dealt with her on two buildings and thinking about a third one! I will recommend to all my friends.”

~ Polly G., Newberry, SC

"Mark, Thanks for your help purchasing my new garage.  What a great product and the crew that built it on site were just awesome! " 
~ G. Thompson, Monroe, GA

"I had a wonderful experience with Debbie at your Anderson SC lot. We live in Hartwell, Georgia and decided to stop and take a look at your buildings while we was in that area. Debbie was so helpful in helping us find what we wanted, that we bought TWO buildings.She told us everything we wanted to know about the construction of Graceland Buildings. We never felt rushed to make a choice. We love our buildings and tell all of our friends and neighbors to go to Anderson S.C. and see Debbie. One more thing, Debbie actually called to make sure our delivery was set up right.  She also sent my wife and I a anniversary card. I couldn't beleive she remembered that! Great job on the great personal salemanship and your great buildings. We are very happy."

~ Mr and Mrs Ron Kolar, Hartwell, GA

"I received my lofted barn today 3/8/2011. I Love it. The delivery team was excellent! and very nice. They put the barn right where I wanted it and was very polite. I have already put some things in it and still have plenty of room left. Thanks Graceland this is a great barn and I know I will enjoy it now and for years to come. Thank you."
~Terry McCathern, Sumter, SC

"I received my building this afternoon,and I was very impressed with the professional and courtious way my delivery team went to work. They made sure the building was placed exactly as I requested. They went well beyond the call of duty to get everything perfect.I am very happy with the delivery and setup of my building and will not hesitate to recommend Graceland Rental to both family and friends."
~ Kenneth C.Florence, Commerce, GA

"Our building was just delivered and set up by Joseph Chamberlin.  We want you to know what an expert job he did and how professional he and his crew were. Excellent service. Mr. Chamberlin could park a building on the back of a gnat and still leave room for his cars. We are well pleased and will turn to Graceland for any more storage needs. Mr. Chamberlin deserves a raise or at least a bonus."
~ William Cook, Manning, SC

"I recently purchased my building from Graceland of Easley, S.C. He was a true pleasure to deal with gave me time to look and make up my mine on the best building for my needs and answered all my questioned about the building. Also, the guys that done the set up were true professionals. It’s been a pleasure doing business with folks who go out of their way to make you feel like you are getting a thing called service, not much of that no more in the world of business… but, that’s what you get when you choose to buy a building from Graceland. Thanks and I plan on getting another one soon."
~ Charles R. South, Ware Shoals, SC

"I can't tell you how pleased I am with my new side lofted barn.  Every time I pass by the window I look outside just to look at it! It is a fantastic piece of workmanship from top to bottom and looks great in my backyard along the woods.  I was a little concerned about getting the smaller 8X12 building (we just moved into a house without a garage for the first time in three years), but we actually ended up having more than enough room thanks to the lofts at both ends of the building.  I also want to thank Tony Milam in Sumter, SC for the excellent service.  He was willing to work with me to get us the building we needed within our budget and also was able to get it to us when we needed it!  Thank you and God bless to Tony, the delivery team and everyone that makes Graceland Portable Buildings such a pleasure to do business with. Thanks Again!"
~ Thad Mertz, Dalzell, SC

"Several years ago I was a sales trainer. In the state of SC there are no salespeople just order takers. One exception. Tony Milam in Sumter SC. He did what a salesperson was supposed to do. He took us out to the building and carefully explained how they were put together, the materials used, where they were built, how they will be shipped, and finally how it was to be delivered to our house. Like all good companys they depend on there sales force and Tony is the best."
~ P.A. Siegel, Wedgefield, SC

"Good afternoon Robert. We are writing to thank you for the fantastic service you, your team and Jonathan provided.  Jonathan called this morning and has just left us after having installed a new window. Thank you for your quick service; we really appreciate it!"
~ Elena and Mike Kaut, SC

"Mark, Thank you for all your help in getting our lofted barn cabin.  It fits our needs perfectly and we love the quality construction. We are so excited!!"

~ W. Dowdy, Cleveland, GA

"Based on my projections, I thought and chose a side-lofted barn. To my amazement, I had much more storage space than I need. Thanks Graceland."
~ John E., York, SC

"We recently purchased a utility building in Seneca S.C. from Libbie and was very pleased with the friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable lady.  We will return for another later on, a larger lofted one hopefully and we will surely return to our new friend Libbie for the sale. Thank you Graceland for making this sale seem like doing business with family……."
~ L.M.Hart, Seneca, SC