With an overhead loft, this sturdy construction provides abundant room, making this the perfect solution for a workshop or large storage needs.

Sizes Available:

 8x12  12x32  14x40
 10x12  12x40  16x20
 10x16  14x16  16x24
 12x12  14x20  16x28
 12x16  14x24  16x32
 12x20  14x28  16x36
 12x24  14x32  16x40
 12x28  14x36  

Other Uses:
Bunk sleeping, garden equipment, tools & supplies, outdoor chemicals, lawn supplies, general storage, workshop, playhouse, plant room (windows optional), motorcycle storage, outdoor play equipment, bike storage, vacation supplies, cleaning supplies, side business supplies/equipment, ATV’s, clubhouse, scout hut, game room, extra den, boat storage, retail outlet, sports room, study, play room, home repair and improvement supplies, luggage, cargo, extra clothes, boxes, large industrial equipment, game room, clothes, boxes, and much, much more.
Metal Roof Color Options:
(Additional colors available.  Architectural shingles also available.)

Lofted Barn
Standard Features:

  Graceland Exclusive
       Aluminum Soffit Vent

  Full Length Ridge Vents

  Walls Are Double
       Studded Every 4' for
       30% More Strength
       Over Single Studded

  5/8" Pressure Treated
       Floor System

  4x6 Runners

  2x6 Floor Joists Notched
       1" Deep To Cradle Floor
       Joists (50% greater
       strength over traditional
       2"x 4" joists)

  5/8" T-111 Pressure
       Treated Siding

  2x4 Reinforced Doors

  Galvanized Ring
       Shank Nails

Options Include:

  6' Roll-Up Garage Door

  9' Roll-Up Garage Door

  24"x 36" Window

  36"x 36" Window

  Metal Skin Walk Door

  72" Double Wood Doors

  48" Single Wood Door