Graceland started with a husband and wife team, Daniel and Valorie Burnett, in April 2005 as Graceland Rentals. Shortly thereafter, Graceland expanded from the rental field to a broad-based manufacturing company.

Established on basic business values, Graceland is committed to providing comprehensive Rent-to-Own (RTO) services and cash sales to a wide cross-section of customers.  Clients who partner with Graceland for their residential and business needs vary widely, from small business enterprises needing an office, to extra storage in the back yard, a garden shed, barn, garage or getaway cabins on the lake.  There are currently more than 365 dealers in 13 regions and 17 states and 30,000+ satisfied customers!

Graceland of South Carolina, the second oldest region in the company, was established in January 2008 when Graceland Portable Buildings bought out a competing building company with operations in Pickens, SC.  The current owners, AJ and Renee Davis, purchased the Graceland of South Carolina region in June 2009, after AJ served as sales manager under the original owner for 18 months.  Since that time, the staff of Graceland SC has expanded many times over to provide better service to our customers and our dealers.  The region has over 40 dealers serving customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Our customers look to us for great quality and incredible service.  We try to deliver on these expectations every time.  We believe that your satisfaction should be guaranteed.  Looking to the future we are very optimistic.  We only ask for God's favor and His divine guidance. We know that we need God's grace as our company sets and achieves new goals and heads into new territory.

  Our buildings are manufactured with skilled Mennonite Craftsmanship
  Our wood is treated to resist termites and decay
  Graceland uses 2x6 floor joists rather than 2x4 which makes our products more durable and strong   Unlike our competitors, Graceland's walls and floors are 5/8" thick
  Graceland's walls, floors and 4x6 runners are all constructed of top quality lumber and the nails are hot dipped galvanized ring shank - they do not rust   Our patented "Continuous Soffit" vent under each eave keeps our buildings 10-15 degrees cooler in the summer
  Graceland's roof products come with a continuous ridge vent designed with a screen to keep pests out
  Our metal roofs are fastened to wood decking and screwed in securely making the roofs more durable
  Graceland offers the best Rent-To-Own program in the business   All treated wood products have a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty
  All shingle and metal roof products have a 25 year manufacturer's warranty
  Graceland provides a 3 year warranty on workmanship

Graceland Portable Buildings

Side Lofted Barn
Utility Shed
Side Porch Cabin
Garden Shed
Corner Porch Lofted Barn CabinLofted Barn Cabin
Lofted Barn